Mobile Bike Mechanics in Glasgow

Services and Prices

Hammer and Cycle provide mechanical services for all types of bike including road, MTB, hybrid, BMX and kids’. We can fix a puncture, sort a rattling chain or strip and re-build a top end racing bike. Contact us and we will discuss your individual requirements, but these are a few examples of the type of work we do

Health Check Service £40
Clean up and check of the whole bike. Adjustment of bearings, gears, drivetrain, brakes and tyres. Wheels trued. A good regular overhaul to keep your bike running sweetly
Re-Build Service – £100
Bike stripped down to the frame, cleaned, all bearings greased and adjusted and bike re-assembled. Aimed at high spec bikes at the start of the racing season or before a big event
Assembly of new bikes bought mail order – £35
Puncture Repair – £5
Wheel Truing – £15

In all of these examples, the cost of parts supplied is in addition to our labour costs.

We offer discounts for two or more bikes worked on at a time.

Work done by Hammer and Cycle is insured and guaranteed. We value our reputation too much to leave you dissatisfied with the service you receive, so please tell us before you tell anyone else.

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